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M.Arch University of British Columbia

BFA Emily Carr University of Art and Design

In a relatively short amount of time photography and image technology has move from the direct contact of plants on paper to numeric pixel values that Artificial Intelligence algorithms can generate to produce images without an original reference. These developments have brought changes to the way society relates to images while bringing up issues of aesthetics, beauty, spectacle, etc. My work attempts to understand these issues and the histories that surround them by exploring the technologies and processes that have brought images to their cultural dominance.

As I have moved in to architecture the role of images has been just as prevalent in the way designers produce and present our work. Often it seems as if our role is to consume and produce images. My current interests lie in understanding how this can affect the process of design and the aesthetics of the design outcomes. While this currently exists mainly in the realm of images the future of the research lies in developing a stronger design connection between imaging technologies such as AI algorithms and the physical world.   

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